Name Banners

What I am about to publish started as a bit of fun, I showed some off my fellow guildies what I had done with the druid thing and the general shout was “what about me!”.

So I started with the banner Iloveewe (Ilo), who is often hear saying “Bubbles” on our Mumble server and within guild chat with a few other members.

Iloveewe's & her bubbles

Bubbles for Iloveewe

Although, the above looks good, I think I can do better and I am slow working my way toward something that I believe more suits the personality of Ilo that I have gotten to know over the last year or so.

The next for was for her husband Tinyarrse (Tiny), as I didn’t feel like it would be fair that one should get a banner and not the other in the same household.

Tiny's Jaffa Cake

1st Attempt for Tinyarrse

I was quite please with my first attempt, Tiny made some suggestions and below is what he suggested would more suit him.

Tiny's arses

Tiny with his butts - 2nd Attempt

Over time I hope to make one for every guildie, so watch this space.

As always please feel free to leave comments or suggestions on today’s post below.