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This is picture that inspired the project

The next project that I worked was inspired by this picture which I saw one day on Photobucket website, while looking through their “explore” feature.

It reminded me being a kid sitting watching TV; in particular BBC2, and old black and white movies on a Saturday afternoon.  It was something that my mum and I always enjoyed watching together.

In addition, I am a born romantic and well who wouldn’t like to be kissing someone special like that?  I personally wouldn’t say no.

It is unclear; at the release of this post, if this is an orginal drawing by user Findstuff22, but I couldn’t resist having a go with Photoshop to see what I could do with it.

I Want to be Kissing you in the Rain

I Want to be Kissing you in the Rain Part 1

On the right, is my first attempt. The picture size has been reduced slightly to better fit within this Blog, but either click on the picture to see the orginal or message me, I will forward it you.

Although, the orginal was fabulous and beautiful, the image size is relatively small. Therefore along with the orginal illustration, I extended the canvas size, added many different types of water layers and then added a quote I had seen on a Facebook application called “Status Shuffle”.

When reviewing the image which I created, I decided to add an additional word, as I personally think it looks like the rain is pouring down.  Below is the second one with the only difference being the addition of the word “pouring” to it and a couple more raindrops. Again the image as been reduced slightly to better within this blog.

Kissing you in the Pouring Rain Part 2

I want to be Kissing you in the Pouring Rain

I personally think it is very romantic banner and one that I wouldn’t mind seeing it as someones Facebook picture, Myspace banner or sent though email to a “special someone” that you have always liked.

I was inspire by one picture, if you seen a picture or quote and think it would make a good banner then please leave a message below or PM the details I will see what I can do and as always please feel free to leave your comments and/or suggestions below.