Challenge Accepted

There is a movement with some internet websites, that if you see something that you believe you can do better or inspires you to have an idea which is called “Challenge Accepted”.  For me it is this next project which when I saw a picture on various picture websites, I thought Hhhhhmmmmm I could do something with that. It also spoke to the naughty side of me. Which I discussed in the previous post.

Now, the picture that set this off is linked to many websites which is for the over 18’s users.  I have tried to keep mine more for the universal viewing  although, I can understand some might take offence.  Therefore this post comes with warning that the video below might not be suitable for all users and could be considered for more adult viewing.  So please consider this when viewing this content.

I was so naive over what skills would be needed to complete this project.  I suppose I got a bit “cocky” over how easy I had picked up Photoshop and I just assumed that this would that easy.  Haha, it has turned out to be an epic project which has taken over a month to complete and also meant me learning how to work in Flash Professional, After Effect and Premire Pro.  There this project has involved me sitting through loads of tutorials that are available on You Tube or Google and then putting them into practice.  It has cause me so much frustration at times I did wonder if it was worthwhile.

For those who don’t know I am female, wife and mother of three, two are boys; 21 and 15, due to that there was some guildlines which I set myself:-

  • No picture would contain full nudity,
  • I wouldn’t use any picture that looked like the person was under the age of 16,
  • I wouldn’t use any picture that was taken in privacy of a persons home or what I believed to be without their knowledge,
  • I wouldn’t use any picture that looked like it had be taken/borrowed from someone’s Facebook, twitter, Myspace or similar social network user pages.

I want this video if viewed by my boys for them not be embarrased by what their mum has done; UPDATE boys viewed it and think it is a bit of fun.

Youtube copyright will not let me post this video how I want it to be seen or heard therefore I am going to post a second link  which allows you to view it with the music as well.

As always tell me if I gotten it wrong, how to improve it, any projects you would like me to try next and any feedback would be appreciated.