UK Rememberance Day – 11/11/11

I know this post is going to be early,I wanted to show and allow others to use it for 11/11/11 or to have for Remeberance Sunday itself.  Although the orginal WILL need resizing as I made it pretty large.

Like many people of the generations, I have personally known soliders who have served in not only World War 1, World War II, Falklands, Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan but rare times of peace.

I always buy poppies every year, this year not only will I be buying poppies, I thought I would remember all the men and women who have bravely served our country and have given their lives to secure our freedom.

The picture below contains two well-know poems of rememberance and of course the iconic poppy.

For the UK veterns day

My way of remembering all of those who have fallen.

[EDITED] I have completed another Rememberance Day Banner today; 09/11/11 which is not as large as the picture above, but still gives a similar message when viewed.

The picture below, also contains the picture of the poppies in the background in the first one, but also contains addition three pictures of modern soliders.

I find this one more suitable for placement on website like Facebook, Myspace, ETC

It is not much in the way of thanks for all those that have served our country, but I hope someone appreciates it just a little bit.