Fun Vectors

All images below are just done for fun and because I wanted to tested out my newly learnt skills

This is image representing a Jimmy Choo shoe that I found on his website. I am in love with his shoes.

Pictures below are all because of my naughty side.

Well who wouldn’t like these ;-P

Large collar and padlock which I spotted on a website.

Leather Cuffs

Leather cuffs because of the collar I just had to do a vector with them also

This is just a bog standard “dog collar” that I first started makes this series off vectors

LOL okay I couldn’t resist going further into these vectors

hmmm giving my naughty side I real work-out with this one

Okay seriously worked on my naughty side

All images have been seriously reduced, but orginals can be found on Photobucket or email me.

As always leave comments suggestions below.