This is a blog to explore my current interests; which is wide and varied, but in particular my interest in World of Wacraft (WOW), Photoshop (PS) and other Adobe products.


My addiction; yip it is way past an interest now, with WOW begin in 2008 and even after 3 years it still holds the largest amount of my attention compared to any other interests that I have.  This is in part due to me one of our guild officers and the fact the gameplay is still great and most of all fun.   I really enjoy all aspects of WOW from levelling an alt with a fellow guildie, through to end-game raiding and all what is inbetween.


Is a really new interest, one which I swore I would never be able to learn how to learn; as I had heard a lot of horror stories from others regarding how they found it difficult to learn,  yip bad me for listening to them, as I have discovered it is not as difficult as I first thought and through the help of Youtube and people posting “How-to” guides and a couple of weeks I now feel confident enough to try stuff on my own and without have to refer back to someone’s “How-to”guide.

I hope to post the results soon, they just need a bit more work to make them perfect.


I will more than likely post within this blog about my other interest over time, so what this space.