For me, Photoshop is a relatively new interest; only in the last month or so, and came about due to issue with our connection; which has been patchy for while, meant that I could go on to WOW or even surf the internet.

There is only so much TV, books to read before a person becomes bored and with our internet connection looking unlikely to be fixed any time soon.

So, I decided to try and learn Photoshop with a view eventually to learn the some off the other Adobe products like After Effects and Premire Pro.

The latter two products is for my guild’s raiding videos which I have currently stored on my hard-drive awaiting me to learn how to, make have decent intro, put a movie together and then finally publish it on our guild’s Faceboon page. Yip, so no pressure then.

I will try to post regularly any off my creations and would love feedback on what everyone thinks, ways I can improve and even other websites I visit for more hints & tips.