Lost Teddy Project 

Saw this caption which got my naughty side working overtime

The next project I am going to share was inspired by the picture/caption; top left, which I found while trolling Photobucket for inspiration. I believe iHeartVladimirTod and other which have posted this picture/caption on Photobucket use them for places like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.c

Everyone who knows me will tell you there is two things will find out very quickly when meeting me, first thing is that I am natural flirt and the other is I have a really dirty mind which is never much above the gutter for long.  Both of which gets me into loads of trouble and makes life interesting to say the least.  This picture/caption brought out me very naughty side to the surface BIG TIME!!!

Teddy Poster

I started with the Missing poster, then added wall and lady.

Therefore, I went to work first  with a lost teddy picture; on the right, which then I layered over a stock picture of a wall and then added additional layer a lady walking past viewing the picture.

After I was happy with the look of the missing picture, went to work on the next picture, which took a lot

Lady & Man in the bedrom

This is the idea what I should happen with that statement

longer than I expected more so due to the fact I had a specific idea of what I wanted to achieve and I went through a number of different looks before I was happy with the result; posted on the left.

As of the release of this post, I am unsure excately how I am going to bring both pictures together so they tell a story of a girl flirting with a guy she likes.

I have posted a picture at the bottom of this blog post with my latest idea, but I am currently not happy with it.

So please comment, offer suggestions on how I might proceed.

Lost teddy looking for another

This is where I have currently gotten too but I am truly struggling with how to complete it at the moment.