Project 1 

I was reviewing and looking at a lot of videos on how to learn Photoshop at Youtube; believe there are alot out there, but the one that helped me the most was  this one, has series of 15 videos and he is really good and takes you through what he is achieving within that video in small baby steps.

His videos are for the true beginners, those who have learnt Photoshop before or have experience in using it might find it a bit of a yawn.  But for me, NGage70 was a godsend and made me realise I could learn how, it took me about 2 weeks of going over the videos and using the stuff I had learnt on my own.

It wasn’t that long, before I began, what I called project 1.  Project 1 was a week’s worth of work and I personally think the results are fabulous.

An image showing the many forms of a Druid in W.O.W

Foxy's Druid Picture

Above, is what I could achieve after a week.  Although, after working on additional project; which will be posted soon, and using a number different videos from Youtube, I have recently changed the text a bit.

Foxy's Druid Thing part 2

With improvement in text

Let me know what you think about both pictures, leave your suggestions below on anything I can do to improve the current picture above.