I have been a player in World of Warcraft (WOW) since June 2008.  Like many new players I came to WOW through a trail account, all my family were playing and were always telling how good it was.  Although, I didn’t believe them thought I would give it a go and thought I would never like it, but quickly got my own account with my own characters.

Like many mature players, I found the whole experience to be one of confusion.  I was luckier than most new players, I had help from four more experienced players; my husband, two sons and daughter, all of whom had been playing for a year or more.  They helped me with best places to level, what I should be collecting, killing, etc, and they enabled me to get my then main hunter to level 67.

I still think of myself as a new player because like real life WOW is always evolving and therefore I find myself have learning how do more and more.  Also, I love leveling alts; currently have six level 85 alts; which most are raid ready, therefore I am always learning on how class mechanics work, rotations, builds, etc. I also have numerous number of alts that I have still to level over a number of different EU realms and maybe one day I will add the number of level 85 I have.

When Wrath of the Lich King was released, I abandoned my hunter to level the new class Death Knight, which I found to be more enjoyable and then easier to play.  I did get her all the way to level 80, dual-specced Frost Tank and Blood DPS and she did become my main for around a year.

When I reached Level 80, had to learn to work as part of team which was a harder than I thought possible as I had overall levelled soloed and I did all this without a guild either.  Both of which I found then.

During this time I was also learning about end game raiding.  Learned about things like add-ons; what ones were useful, helpful and even a bit of fun.  I was regularly to be found in Naxx tanking my way through the bosses.

I have since moved guilds, and swapped my main twice, no longer a tank but now a Resto Druid all of which I am finding more enjoyable.

What type of raider I am?  Well I would never count myself as hardcore; eating and sleeping end-gaming raiding is not for me, I would count myself as regular player who likes to try end game raiding, but to me personally it is not the end all and be all.  For one thing I have a family which requires me to be there on a regular basis and not always allow me to be available every night for raiding and the pesky real life often means that I cannot be available either. Thankfully, my current guild is for the mature player and understands that real life comes first.  I do enjoy going out and raiding with my current guild and whatever we are doing we have fun.  We don’t take things too seriously; anyone listening to us over Mumble will quickly realise that fact and we do get there but we will never be a guild that will achieve “Realm First”, which for me is ideal.